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TECHNOCompétences 2016 Compensation Survey

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Who produces it?

The compensation survey, like all TECHNOCompétences projects, is a co-operative affair. Since 2014, TECHNOCompétences has been associated with Normandin Beaudry, which serves as a specialist in data collection, processing and validation.

Who can purchase it?

The survey is intended for public or private organizations, whether or not they specialize in the information and communications technology (ICT) field, that employ information and communications technology professionals.

I have fewer than 50 employees. Will this product represent my reality?

You’re not alone! Nearly 45% of participating companies have fewer than 50 employees.

I’m not an ICT company. May I purchase it?

Of course! And we strongly encourage you to do so! The finance, insurance, transportation, university and trade sectors are very well represented. A growing number of companies in the manufacturing and processing sector also take part in the survey.

Any more questions?

Contact us | 514-840-1237 | info@technocompetences.qc.ca

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